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1 APHEN Aceclofenac 150mg 1's
2 ACIZAP Pantoprazole Sodium 40mg 40mg
3 CALOXYY-CV 1.2g Amoxycillin 1000mg+Clavuanic Acid 200mg 1’s
4 DIXFREE Diclofenac Sodium 25mg 3ml
5 MERACT-1GM Meropenam-1gm Inj. 1's
6 MERACT-250 Meropenam-250mg Inj. 1's
7 MEDDY Ondansetron 2mg 1's
8 MINICIN 100 Amikacin 100mg 1’s
9 MINICIN 250 Amikacin 250mg 1’s
10 MINICIN 500 Amikacin 500mg 1's
11 NARBULL-25 Nanadrolone Decanoate 25mg 1's
12 NARBULL-50 Nandrolone Decanoate 50mg 1's
13 JUVIGEN PLUS Methylcobalamin,Nicotinamide &Vitamin B6 5*2ML
14 JUUVIGEN (with syringe) Methycobalamin 1500 mcg inj 1*1
15 JUVIGEN Methylcobalamin 1500mcg 1's
16 SIZOWIN-S 1g Cefoparazone Sodium 500mg+ Salbactum 500mg 1's
17 SIZOWIN-S 1.5G Cefaparazone 1000gm+Sulbactam 500mg 1’s
18 TRAMICA Tramadol Hydrochlride 100mg 1*10
19 TAZPRIK 4.5 Piperacilline 4gm+ Tazobactam 0.5gm 1's
20 VYOSEF 250 CeftriaxoneIP 250mg 1’s
21 VYOSEF 500 Ceftriaxone IP 500mg 1’s
22 VYOSEF-1000 Ceftriaxone 1gm 1's
23 VYOSEF-S 375 Ceftriaxone 250mg+ Sulbactam 125mg 1’s
24 VYOSEF-S 1.5G Ceftriaxone 1000mg+Sulbactam 500mg 1's
25 VYOSEF-T1.125 Ceftriaxone1000mg+Tazobactam 125 mg 1's
26 VYOZID 250MG Ceftazidime 250mg 1's
27 VYOZID-1GM Ceftazidime 1gm 1's
28 VYOCAM Piroxicam 40mg 1's
29 NINEGEST-200 Natural micronised progesteron 200mg 1'S
30 NINEGEST-100 Natural micronised progesteron100mg 1'S
31 ARSATE Artisunate 60 mg 1's
32 ARUMARIA Alpha Beta Artether 150mg 2ml
33 DIXFREE AQUA Diclofenac 75mg in Aquous Base 1ml